Riding mountain bikes gives me some addrenaline.

Riding OneWheels are fun and relaxing.

Riding Electric Unicycles is like sking on pavment.

I love listening to the kids etc. when they watch our annimated Christmas Light show.

Welding a fabricating are ways to express my creative and engineering side.

I love solving problems and building solutions in Healthcare.

Picture of me and part of my family wearing our running gear before a turkey trott run in 2019
I like to run for exercise and thought processing.
Picture of me and a friend offroading in Harlan Ky in a buggy I built.
Offroading in Harlan KY

Wesley Combs holding a business journal healthcare hero's award

3 time Tri Cities Business Journal Award winner

Cover of Skyward book.

I read a lot of books and use Podcasts for daily information.

SpaceX Starship with thrusting for controlled landing

I love that we are on the frontier of doing so much more in space

I’m a gamer @ heart.  Been playing for decades.